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What is Systemic Constellations?

Also known as Family Constellations a methodology developed by the German psychotherapist and philosopher Bert Hellinger.  Bert Hellinger defines Constellations as the science of relations between all that exists. 

Systemic Constellations

Systemic Constellations is better explained in the experience rather than words, but here goes...

Systemic (family) Constellation is a new way of solving complex problems that you struggle to answer with just your mind. 

Constellations can be used for personal or professional relationship matters.  Bert Hellinger, the founder of this work defines it as the science of relationships. 

We have a relationship with everyone and everything we interact with. That relationship determines how we respond in any give situation, sometimes we don't understand fully our response because it is unconscious. Maybe your head says 'yes' but your heart says 'no', and you don't understand how to resolve the internal conflict and make the decision that 'all of you' can accept. 

Constellations helps us to bring our inner map (image) of the patterns that exist between the system and the individual to light. Allowing us to 'see' in 3D the relationships, the dynamics, the patterns, what is 'out of place', what is 'missing' and what not yet been seen. 

Once we 'see' this inner image, the client (if they wish) can walk the territory, experience the image with all senses and aim for changes or solutions to gain more clarity. 

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  • health,

  • family,

  • relationship 


  • financial,

  • career, 

  • path to follow


  • strategy,

  • managers,

  • vision,

  • corporate structure,

  • expansion


  • decision

  • agreement

  • settlement

  • conflict

How it works?

A Constellation can be conducted

  • Privately with you and a facilitator (private)

  • With a group of people (workshop)

  • Online or face to face (private or workshop)

The client brings their question/issue/theme which relates to a personal, professional or organizational issue they have yet to resolve. Or in the case of courts where a decision, agreement, settlement is pending. 

The constellator will conduct a brief interview, asking essential points of the topic. Based on the reply basic elements of that topic will be represented and placed in the field. 

If in a group (workshop) setting, people will be chosen to represent these elements, if a private session we will use other items to represent these elements. 

Movements, sentences and hidden patterns arise from the collective memory of the system to which the client belongs, and allows new insights into the situation. 

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