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Meet our team


Gabriela Assmar is a lawyer, mediator and systemic constellator She is certified by the International Ombudsman Association.


She was a pioneer and helped craft the Mediation market in Brazil. She was a co-author of the Brazilian  Mediation Law and served as a mediator in corporate, family, criminal and community conflicts with the Rio de Janeiro Court System and in private practice.  She was one of the founders of the Mediation Commission at the State Bar, for which she won the Innovare Award 2009, given by the Supreme Court.  She funded the Brazilian Center for Partners Global, ProAcordo - Mediation of Commercial Disputes and Via Concórdia, an incubator of mediators and constellators*.


Due to her background in conflict resolution, she now applies deeper systemic methodologies to a wide variety of decision making processes: from the individual perspective to complex corporate strategies, including collective and diffuse relational structures.  

Based in Rio de Janeiro, contact her for a private session


Meet Gabriela

Lawyer, Mediator, Constellator, Ombudsman

Meet Christo

Executive Coach, Trainer, Author

Former Criminal trial Lawyer & Barrister


Christo Norden-Powers is a former criminal trial Lawyer & Barrister who developed an interest in human performance and meditation.

He trained and coached Australian Olympic athletes, in how to generate and maintain peak performance states using both Eastern and Western techniques.

His work then quickly spread to companies that were interested in developing peak performance in their people, and soon after to the development of organisational change and corporate cultures that generate and support sustained high performance. Christo left the legal profession to pursue his interest in transforming companies.

Christo has trained executive coaches at various coaching institutes, and in-house executive coaching teams in large organisations including:

  • The Institute of Executive Coaching Australia

  • The Life Coaching Academy (Business/Executive Coaching Modules)

  • Shirlaws Coaching

  • B&Q (UK)

  • Metropolitan Police ('Scotland Yard'), London.

Author of 3 books including:

Powerful Questions, That Every Director, Executive & Manager Must Ask.

Christo has online courses in his Powerful Questions & MasterProcess models.


Christo is pursuing his spiritual path and helping others to find the point of stillness in every day life and work. Deeply intuitive, and with a knack for effortlessly enabling people to connect to their inner Power. He says: ' The path I've followed is best described as the path of Consciousness.

Based in Melbourne, Australia

+61 (0)439 755 593


For two years I had the privilege of working with Christo Norden-Powers on my company’s major cultural change program. Professional consultants have impact. Christo has much more than that; he has the capacity to work with people in a way that works for each individual, empowers each person and achieves results very quickly. My personal & professional development as a human resources practitioner gained from working with Christo has been  more than in my entire career in this field before that. Without hesitation he has my highest recommendation.


 I’ve used the MasterProcess extensively in my company. It is the most powerful and useful tool I’ve ever seen for empowering people to solve problems and take action. It’s a brilliant communication tool. I have also used the MasterProcess for nearly 10 years as a change tool in my company. It is a brilliant process for turning resistance to change into a positive, proactive commitment to change. In my experience it has no equal.

Cyril Rouhliadeff, Senior Trainer, Telstra.

Meet Edwina

Systemic Constellations Facilitator & Trainer

Life & Business Coach


Edwina Van Der Westhuizen Born in Cape Town, South Africa, In the time of Apartheid, moved to Australia in 1972 ages 3 with her family for their own safety. 


First starting her career in Fashion, she later moved to coaching, training and management. Edwina has more than 20 years' experience working with systems and process improvement, training, coaching and facilitation,

  • 12 years Systemic (family)Constellations facilitator.

  • 18 years coaching background,

  • 21 years training background,

  • 26 years using healing modalities

  • 51 years (life time) of life/spiritual experience

Edwina runs regular constellations workshops online and live in Melbourne Australia and also trains people to become Constellations facilitators.  

While facilitating a Constellations workshop in mid 2018 coincidentally, she had 4 lawyers, someone in government in child protection and a couple from Brazil.


At lunch the conversation turned to how Constellations was being used in the legal system in Brazil. 

This sparked a flame in Edwina with no idea where this might lead. With a passion for the work of  Constellations and for change on a global scale she started the conversations.

Based in Melbourne, Australia

Contact her for a private or group session


+61 (0)414 829 092

Coming from a background in clinical psychology it became clear that most issues clients bring are NOT rooted in individualistic constructs or paradigms. Family constellations was the missing link I was looking for, it is a systemic approach to resolving a client’s issues by focusing on situating their dis-ease, or, disconnections in the family or social system, and embedding healing in one’s nervous system.


Edwina is a skilled compassionate facilitator who understands and works systemically with whatever issue(s) a client brings. Working with her has been deeply revelatory and healing in my own core family wounding in ways inaccessible through traditional therapeutic modalities.


Caroline (BBSc(Hons), MPsych, MA)


Edwina is a highly compassionate and skilful facilitator. I experienced unexpected benefits from this process, and as a lawyer, I see how it could be of great assistance to those experiencing family breakdown. That said, I highly recommend this process to everyone, as ancestral issues affect us all in some way.

Virginia Warren- Lawyer

Edwina talking about Family Constellations

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